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We believe everyone should have access to a marvelous farm-to-fork eating experience you expect at a 5-star restaurant.

About Us

Why We Do It


Ten Creek Range started as a family dream many years ago, Karlie was able to make it a reality with the help of her husband Cody and two daughters; Paisley and Elsie along with Karlie's parents (owner/operators of Stoney Creek Farm) Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz. Ten Creek Range by Stoney Creek Farm runs on the principle that we can bring the best beef to our customers without needing to disrupt our beautiful soils. Because of our conservation efforts we're actually regenerating our soil. What does that mean? We use our cattle to build back the top soil that has been eroded by water and wind over centuries. Pretty cool isn't it? Not only do we use our cattle, we also implement regenerative farming practices on our crop land; using a variety of cover crops along with our usual cash-crops we're able to improve soils and provide high quality feed for our cattle.

Our Ethics


To ensure we bring the best beef to our customers, everyone at Stoney Creek Farm currently carries a Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) certification. The BQA program was started by the NCBA as a national program that raises consumer confidence through offering proper management techniques and a commitment to quality within every segment of the beef industry.

Our Protocol


Calves from Stoney Creek Farm are vaccinated for diseases as part of our protocol. They are never implanted with growth hormones. If any animal becomes injured or ill, requiring antibiotics, that animal will be removed from our feeding program for Ten Creek Range. 

What We Carry

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Ten Creek Range

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